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Eddie Damas Law: Your Trusted Attorney
Hardest Hitting Criminal Attorney in LA out for Cold Justice. 

Edward Damas (Eddie Damas) is a winning trial attorney who specializes in domestic violence, drugs, and DUI cases. Being born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, Mr. Damas has the right set of skills that it takes to get amazing results for his clients. Being educated at Loyola Law School, nationally ranked top-five in trial advocacy, has been a huge factor in the great results Mr. Damas delivers for his clients.

Mr. Damas has also experienced injustice in his own life which is why he has dedicated his practice of the law to getting great results for those accused. In private practice, Mr. Damas has had a string of victories, including terminating police investigations from the start, full exonerations of wrongfully accused clients, and numerous successful jury trial verdicts.

As a former boxer, Mr. Damas knows the amount of hard work, dedication, and determination that goes into every victory. 


Criminal Defense
Domestic Violence
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What our customers say


"I was in a tuff situation when I decided to hire Eddie. My charges were absurd and my bail ridiculous (1.2 million). 3 months later, he got me time served (2 months jail time) and probation. How he did it? I don't know, I'm still in awe... Eddie fights for u from da day u hire him till it's all over. Anyway who needs a criminal defense attorney should look no further than Eddie Damas. He's 5 star Attorney... Thank you Eddie for helping me."

Monica Hernandez

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