Domestic Violence Los Angeles Penal Code Violations

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We at Eddie Damas Law are specialised in the following Domestic Violence Attorney penal code violations:

Penal Code Section 236 – False Imprisonment

Penal Code Section 240 –Assault

Penal Code Section 243e –Battery

Penal Code Section 273.5 –Corporal Injury to Spouse or Cohabitant

Penal Code Section 273d –Child Abuse

Penal Code Section 273a –Child Endangerment

Penal Code Section 270 –Child Neglect

Penal Code Section 422 –Criminal Threats

Penal Code Section 591 –Damaging Phone Or Electrical Lines

Penal Code Section 601 –Aggravated Felony Trespass

Penal Code Section 646 –Stalking

Penal Code Section 647(j)(4) –Revenge Porn

If you have found yourself accused of domestic violence you are not alone. Approximately ten million people are accused of domestic violence in the United States every year. Should you find yourself accused of domestic violence you should contact a winning trial attorney immediately. False Domestic Violence Claims in Los Angeles County are usually made up of lies. This means that the person accusing you is a liar and made a false report of domestic violence. Should you find yourself accused of domestic violence you should contact a winning trial attorney immediately. Los Angeles Domestic Violence Center Arrests for Domestic Violence are so frequent that the District Attorney’s Office has a special unit of Prosecutors assigned to the Family Violence Division in order to prosecute cases of Domestic Violence. Additionally, if the District Attorney’s Office does not prosecute, the case is then referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for prosecution. Los Angeles Domestic Violence Process For anyone being accused of a crime, fighting their way through the legal system can be overwhelming. Domestic Violence cases present even more challenges than any other type of case because of the relationship between you and the accuser in addition to all the other collateral consequences that exist with a domestic violence conviction. How the Domestic Violence Process Starts in Los Angeles In most cases, an alleged victim will call 9-1-1 to say they have been beaten by you. Often the alleged victim will accuse you of hitting them for no reason at all. Police then determine who started the fight and make an arrest. The arrest that is made is usually for violating Penal Code Section 273.5 commonly known as “Domestic Violence.” Should you find yourself accused of domestic violence you should contact a winning trial attorney immediately. In other cases, an alleged victim will make a report at the police station saying that you beat them. This case is then assigned to a detective who will later contact you either in person or via telephone. Sometimes during these phone calls, the accuser is present with a domestic violence detective and the accuser will ask you to apologize for what you did. This type of phone call is known as a “pretext” phone call. “Pretext” Phone Calls Domestic Violence Los Angeles A “pretext” phone call is a tape-recorded call between the alleged victim and you. The call is done under police supervision to try and get an incriminating statement from you. Suspects often talk to the alleged victim about the incident if they believe no one else is listening. Fighting a Domestic Violence Case in Los Angeles Fighting a Domestic Violence Case starts immediately. As soon as you know that you are under investigation for Domestic Violence or have just been arrested you need to contact a strong attorney who specializes in domestic violence to start preparing your defense or in some cases get a DA Reject. A strong domestic violence attorney may be able to get a statement from the victim that may be helpful to your case and possibly get it thrown out altogether. At the first court appearances, you will be given a criminal protective order also known as a stay-away order. This criminal protective order will prevent you from coming within 100 yards of the alleged victim. This can sometimes mean that you have to move out of your own home. A strong criminal defense attorney will ask to have the criminal protective order modified so you can stay at home. Consequences of Taking a Deal Jail, 52-week domestic violence classes, payment to victim for any losses (restitution), 10-year criminal protective order, loss of gun rights, Deportation for non-citizens. Beating a Domestic Violence Case at Trial Beating a domestic violence case requires the skill of an experienced domestic violence attorney. With the proper representation, someone accused of domestic violence can have the charges reduced or have the case rejected altogether. In order to know what the future holds you should consult with a strong domestic violence attorney immediately. Attorney Eddie Damas has dedicated the majority of his practice in specializing in domestic violence. Eddie Damas is a winning trial attorney who has numerous victories in both felony and misdemeanor crimes. If you want a hard-hitting attorney who knows what it is like to go all the way Call 1-833-DAMAS-LA. If you want a weak lawyer call someone else.

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