Penal Code Penal Code Section 270 - Child Neglect

Being a parent insinuates having to empower certain necessities of their wards. Children are vulnerable, they bank on their parents to care for them. The necessities are simply basic ones that include, providing food, clothing, and shelter. Failing to provide children with these basic necessities implies a failure of providing proper care to children by parents. Thereby, parents may witness child neglect charges as defined under California Penal Code Section 270.

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What is Child Neglect

In accordance with California Penal Code Section 270, Child neglect is a crime. This crime is the conscious negligence, or without a legitimate excuse, of proper necessities to a child by a parent.

It includes failure in providing basic necessities such as clothes, food, home, and/or remedial care for the minor child. Child Neglect crime also includes the abandonment of a child by their parent.

What causes Child Neglect Charges?

Typically, child neglect crime is applicable to the parents of the child. However, this can apply to other types of relationships, that includes adoptive parents, legal guardians, and an absconding parent. Parents who did not marry each other may still witness charges for the child neglect crime. The California law states that the individuals who are parents must provide proper care required for raising their kids.

Another crucial element of child neglect cases is failing to provide proper care to the child. Under the eyes of the law, as a parent clothing, food and shelter are basic necessities that need to be provided by the parents to their children. Negligence to empower these basic necessities will lead to a child neglect charge.


California Law regards Child neglect as a major crime and may steer severe penalties and punishment. It is considered as a wobbler case, and a parent may be charged with felony or misdemeanor charges. The charges are entirely dependent on the defendant’s criminal history and case details.

The defendant may face misdemeanor probation in county jail and a fine of $2,000 (max). The punishment becomes more severe if convicted as a felony. At times, different charges may be filed instead of, or in conjunction with, neglect charges. The different charges may include, child endangerment, child abduction, and deprivation of custody. The offenses are dependent on certain criteria in order to be charged. Child neglect and child abandonment are serious charges in the state of California. Not only are the punishments severe, in some situations a parent could lose custody of their child too. Under such cases, it is of best interest to seek the services of a good criminal defense lawyer.

What Defenses Could Be Used?

A good criminal defense lawyer can help in dropping the charges. A good defense helps in disapproving an essential element in any case.

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